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Hazardous Area and Chemical

Paint Plants
Waste Treatment
Hazardous zoning and Waste treatment of Paint Manufacturing/Storage facilities to Global standards

Upgrade of Automotive manufacturing building, plant and equipment, including ventilation system.

Construction of 90m2 covered walkway to international seismic codes.

Laboratory Refurbishment
Design and refurbishment of Corporate laboratory to comply with advanced Building Codes and Dangerous Goods legislation

Hazard Studies
Risk analysis including Hazard and Hazop studies for Manufacturing facilities

Paint Technology
Level measurement for Class 3 storage, Architectural and Structural detailing of main Production Plants.

Solvent and Waterbase plant upgrades including Fume and dust extraction.

Bulk Oil Facilities
City Bulk Depot
Design and documentation for Civil/Structural, Piping and Instrumentation, Electrical and Process Control Implementation for the upgrading of central Bulk Storage depot. Project included full PLC Automation and Scada and Operator interfaces

Review of Air Utilities and Control and preventative maintenance advice on tankage site

Blending Facility
Upgrade on oil fluid blending facilities, oil packaging and fume extraction systems. Development of site waste management procedures and equipment for wharf systems.

Technical Development (I)
Development of Operating procedures and technical documentation for new technological developments for the Oil Industry and Armed forces.

Chemical Manufacturing
Fuel Blending Plant
Manufacture of methanol based fuel derivative.

Hazardous Storage facilities
Implementation of Hazardous Storage facilities, Waste Management and Site Management of Industrial Wastes including Class 3A Dangerous Goods.

Manufacture of formaldehyde from methanol in a continuously controlled processes Implementation of Resin and Waste treatment facilities.

Explosive Plant (I)
Design of wax based emulsions facility.

Blending Plants
Batch Mixing/Cooling/dilution plant utilising Caustic Soda based products and also Cooling Products.

CAD Facility
Development of advanced Computer Aided design facility between New Zealand and Australia.

Detergent Plant
Detergent plant and packaging facility.

Bulk Storage facilites (I)
1.5 million litre class 3A storage facilites.

Warehouse & Site development(I)
Various sites, products and hazardous areas. Advanced Operations management and ergonomic principles employed

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