Rules of Thumb
Conveyors for Particular Solids
  1. Belt conveyors are for high capacities and long distances (a mile or more, but only several hundred feet in a plant), up inclines of 30 deg. maximum. A 24 in. wide belt can carry 3,000 ft³/h at 100 ft/min, but speeds up to 600 ft/min are suitable for some materials. Power consumption is relatively low.
  2. Screw conveyors are suited to transport of even sticky and abrasive solids up inclines of 20 deg or so. They are limited to distances of about 150 ft because of shaft-torque strength. A 12 in. diameter conveyor can handle 1,000-3,000 ft³/h at speeds ranging from 40 to 160 rpm.
  3. Bucket elevators are used for vertical transport of sticky and abrasive materials. With buckets 20 in. square, capacity can reach 1,000 ft³/h at a speed of 100 ft/min but speeds to 300 ft/min are used.

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