Rules of Thumb
Crystalisation from Solution
  1. Complete recovery of dissolved solids is possible by evaporation, but only to the eutectic composition by chilling. The eutectic also limits recovery by melt crystallisation.
  2. Growth rates and ultimate sizes of crystals are controlled by limiting the extent of supersaturation at any time.

H I N T S  A N D  R U L E S
Drying and Solids Conveyors for Particular Solids Cooling Towers Compressors and Vacuum Pumps Crushing and Grinding
Extraction, Liquid-Liquid Crystallatisation from Solution Filtration Heat Exchangers Mixing and Agitation
Particle Size Enlargement Piping Pumps Reactors Refrigeration
Crushing and Grinding Size Seperation of Particles Utilities, Common Specifications Vessels (Storage Tanks) Extraction, Liquid-Liquid
C O N T A C T   G L Y D E