Rules of Thumb
  1. Continuous filtration should not be attempted if 1/8 in. cake thickness cannot be formed in less than 5 min.
  2. Processes are classified by their rate of cake buildup in a laboratory vacuum-leaf filter. Rapid, 0.1-10.0 cm/s; medium, 0.1-10.0 cm/min; slow, 0.1-10.0 cm/h.

H I N T S  A N D  R U L E S
Drying and Solids Conveyors for Particular Solids Cooling Towers Compressors and Vacuum Pumps Crushing and Grinding
Extraction, Liquid-Liquid Crystallatisation from Solution Filtration Heat Exchangers Mixing and Agitation
Particle Size Enlargement Piping Pumps Reactors Refrigeration
Extraction, Liquid-Liquid Size Seperation of Particles Utilities, Common Specifications Vessels (Storage Tanks) Heat Exchangers
C O N T A C T   G L Y D E